Rarely, do I jump on board something that seems too good to be true, so I wait…to make sure.
Well, the fact that I waited and didn’t tell you about Swagbucks earlier is something I highly regret. Our Christmas could have been paid for through Swagbucks.
How, you ask?
Swagbucks is simply another search engine similar to google or yahoo.  But instead of just searching for information, periodically they award you virtual dollars (Swagbucks) just for searching. Once you’ve earned enough, you can cash them in for prizes, including gift cards to Amazon, itunes, Target, Starbucks…you get the picture.
When I first signed up, I just forgot about it. I would forget to search using swagbucks, until my friend, Toni, told me to add the toolbar for my browser so that it doesn’t take any additional time.
Now, I am hooked, and I am regretting all the months I didn’t do it. I’ve already received enough Swagbucks for two gift cards, just for searching the web. I’ve even gotten bucks for searching my own site URL. 🙂 And now that I have added the toolbar, every once in awhile, they send a code to enter to win additional swagbucks.
My goal is to have Christmas paid for next year…all with Swagbucks. (Toni paid for their whole Christmas this way.)
Why not start? There’s nothing to lose and only free presents to be gained.
There are two ways you can receive the most Swagbucks. First, every time I search the web (which is daily), I use Swagbucks. This is key because periodically, you’re awarded any where from one to five bucks just for searching. Second, you tell your friends…which is you (and I should have done it before Christmas). When you sign up from my link, I’ll get a free Swagbuck as well. All of these together, will add up for all of us.
So after you sign up, tell all your friends about it. Send some emails, blog about it, post your code on Facebook…it’s that easy. I love this because everyone wins and no one has to buy a thing. Don’t be sad (like I was) when everyone shares the presents they got for free, but you didn’t take advantage of it. My friend Amy, just bought fabric today from Amazon. Now how cool is that?
I can’t wait to hear about your new found fun…it’s exciting to see those bucks add up. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments, or share what you have already earned with your Swagbucks.
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