This is such a great sugar cookie recipe. Easy and perfect every time!

There’s nothing that floods the memories of the season than a perfect sugar cookie. Sometimes I think I’ve done my girls a disservice though because we rarely take the time to roll, cut and decorate those perfect little works of art. I just love serving them perfectly imperfect with toppings.

While any true baker can’t believe these pictures, those who love a good treat without taking the extra time will truly appreciate this approach. 😉

The perfect sugar cookie dough

This sugar cookie dough is divine, so yes, just let me continue eating bites straight from this bowl and we’ll forget the baking aspect if we must. It’s not too sweet.

This is the best sugar cookie recipe that I used to make a great strawberry sugar cookie sundae

Ok, ok, I baked them and they were delicious. Hot out of the oven, I scooped loads of ice cream and mashed strawberries on top and it was Sugar Cookie Strawberry Sundae Bliss.

Of course, with the holidays around the corner, take the time to roll them, cut them and dress them in their finest because there’s nothing more festive then decorated Christmas cookies.

This dough also freezes perfectly and one of my favorite gift giving ideas lately has been delivering cookie dough (without baking the cookies). I love this because it allows the recipient to enjoy them whenever they choose. (So, yes, the answer is you can freeze cookie dough.)

So if you’re looking for a simple Sugar Cookie Dough recipe, this one is for you.

Are you all starting to get excited for the holidays? Where has the year gone?

Easy Sugar Cookie Dough Recipe - this is the perfect one