Finding food to eat during our Pantry Challenge will not be a problem this month, but getting my childrens’ hands on snacks in a timely manner requires some creative thinking.
My favorite popcorn popper EVER, West BendΒ  Electric Popcorn Popper has been on overload nearly every day.
I was given a Stir Crazy when I graduated from high school. I was the queen of our dorm because I continually provided yummy snacks for our floor.
It has been a tradition ever since. Often, I am asked to bring my special “family secret” popcorn to get togethers…it’s that good!
(Shh…don’t tell my secret…it’s all in using white popcorn instead of yellow. Yes, find WHITE popcorn kernels. It makes such a difference.)
A few year’s ago Westbend discontinued the Stir Crazy. I was PANICKED. I went on a yard sale and thrifting rampage buying every used one I could find. Seriously, I purchased three since I was so disappointed to think of my life without my favorite popcorn. Well, they started bringing them back at the holidays and now I see them on the web here West BendΒ  Electric Popcorn Popper , so put it on your must have list. It will be a treasure, for sure. One of these poppers will be given to each of my children when they go away to college. (It’s a guaranteed friend finder:).)

Yes, our popper has been going so often this Pantry Challenge month that I got a little over anxious trying to double my recipe. πŸ™‚
Of course, buttered popcorn is traditionally everyone’s favorite, but I’ve been experimenting.
So far I’ve tried three concoctions..Parmesan Cheese and salt,Β  cinnamon and sugar mixture, and Southwestern Seasoning. The Parm has been a winner.
So when is the last time you’ve pulled out your popcorn popper…it’s healthy, frugal and FUN! πŸ™‚
Join our family’s movie night tradition and get that popcorn popper stirring.
Another great DIY popcorn secret is my homemade microwave popcorn.
Why do I not always make homemade popcorn this way? DIY microwave popcorn! Perfect!
(And no, this is not a sponsored post for Westbend, but it should be. I don’t even get one measly free kernel of corn, but I feel I’m doing my public service duty by sharing one of the greatest kitchen appliances of my lifetime.)