It’s hard for me to think about gardening when it snowed in NC today, and yet it was 80 degrees just last week. But even with crazy weather, every one can get a jump start on gardening season by starting their seeds indoors. One of my friends inspired me to stop procrastinating and get gardening by showing me what he managed to do with just a few dollars. By using recycled newspapers, he made his own seed trays by forming the papers into small cups for his seeds.
Starting seeds indoor is such an inexpensive way to get your garden going early. Not only do you get a jump start on growing season, enabling you to take full advantage of a variety of crops, and enjoy an earlier harvest, but you save so much money.

John bought this $40 Greenhouse from Lowes Hardware, and he’s been able to bring it indoors and out based on the weather. There are many inexpensive options for starting seeds indoors through Amazon and perfect options for those just starting out like this Professional Greenhouse 50-Plant Starter Kit.
I typically buy small starter plants, but that can run me upwards of $100 for my garden, where as starting the same vegetables and herbs from seeds would only cost me $5.
Yes, there’s going to be more work involved, but I am excited by the challenge. I really want to expand my garden this year, and attempt to figure out what destroyed all my squash, cucumber and zucchini plants last year, so I can prevent that tragedy this year.
With the continuing rise in food and produce prices, I want to be as self sustaining as possible during the summer months, but if I have a major garden fail again, I am thrilled by the knowledgeable country gardeners’ bounty all around me that sell produce at summer stands.
Every year I put in one on-line order for my flower bulbs and some of the veggie plants that I can’t start by seed, like my asparagus (do you remember my shock and surprise of growing asparagus in my garden) and blueberry/raspberry plants?
Here are a few tips I know to do now.
Start with a quality light mixture potting soil to start with and keep them damp, but avoid over watering. I seem to be the queen of root rot. As soon as leaves appear, feed your seedlings  with additional fish or sea weed, liquid fertilizer if you desire to say organic.
There’s so much more I’m learning about indoor seedlings and I’ll make sure to update through the process.
What about you all?
Have you started thinking about your garden? Have you started your seeds indoors already or do you wait till the weather warms?
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