It’s this time of year when the first fruits of my garden (or literally vegetables) are coming to fruition.
When I go to water my precious plants, I still have a spring in my step and I haven’t been burned out by all the hard work a garden takes. I just love to see God’s creation come to life, as well as feed my family from the work of our own hands.
(Now check back around mid July when we’re in the middle of a drought and it’s 95 degrees outside. I guarantee I won’t be quite so chipper…hee hee).

I know I said I was going to finish this gardening post….but it will have to come in bits and pieces throughout the summer.

I had such an amazing surprise this year. Three years ago I planted asparagus. Being the “Master Gardener” that I am, I didn’t research the fact that growing asparagus plants in my garden takes three years before one ever see its first fruit. THREE YEARS! Yes, you must be a patient gardener and really plan ahead. Quite frankly, I had completely forgotten about them until my son and I were watering the garden and we noticed that we had stepped on something.
Yep, my very first asparagus we had annihilated with our shoes. I was disappointed for a moment, but it quickly passed because I was so thrilled! We love asparagus and it’s so fun to have our own.
Look at how these asparagus grow. Isn’t God creative? They are so uniquely beautiful. I never thought I would describe an asparagus like that, but they are. That is also why we didn’t see them. They pop right out of the dirt…one little stem. Isn’t that something? I had no idea.

This is what happens to asparagus when you go away for the weekend and no one picks them or weeds around them. Isn’t that so funny! It’s as tall as the Eifle Tower. Just to give you some perspective on how very huge these grew…

My son is holding two grocery store size asparagus and then the monster asparagus. They are best picked at about 12 inches or the stems get very tough. Hmm…considering my son is almost 6 feet, I think these were a bit taller than 12 inches. We ate them though…they are so good for you.
I love to learn and gardening surely gives me a platform to be a self learner. What lesson did I learn about asparagus? When you have a family of seven, make sure you plant at least twenty plants. Since I only put five in the ground, we each will get one asparagus…

It’s alright though, I’ll just plant some more and WAIT FOR THREE MORE YEARS.