I did it!

I survived our first graduate.

Then I survived our first graduation party with a fun celebration of our eldest son. This was  last night actually, with WAY more people in attendance than I thought were coming.

Unfortunately, I slacked on my making memory duties and completely forgot about taking pictures until late last night, when the majority of our guests had left. (Well, except for the cupcakes. I have amazing pictures of the cupcakes. ;))

As I ran around the house before the party, causing a bit more stress in the atmosphere than I desire, our graduate remarked, “Mom, no one really cares if the house is a bit messy. As long as there is great music and this food, we are fine, so relax.”

Now, honestly, I think he just wanted to get out of trimming the side yard, which I had just requested, and telling the momma to relax when she is running on high level energy is not recommended, but this quote is note-worthy because the boy speaks truth.

I didn’t finish all the special touches that I wanted to before the guests came, but the party was a huge success anyhow. We women put far too much emphasis on pinterest perfect parties, but with wonderful friends, good food and even better music, the air was one of celebration, and that was the whole point.

Music plays a huge part of my life. As a musician, worship leader and former music director, I know how music sets the tone for so many varying occasions. The right “play list” can infuse energy into any atmosphere, and that was true at the beginning of ours. (Once the crowds came, I brought it inside since the chit chat was no longer quiet.)

For years, any time we had parties, we’d haul this 200 pound beast downstairs from the boys room, and set it up outside.

It comes courtesy of my concert playing years, when I would plug my keyboard and mic into it, but it’s HEAVY! It’s the only option we owned that would play not only music from our ipod, but one that would give us a big enough sound for outdoors. When I threw our Teen Party on a Budget, we hauled it out. It blasted great music. The kids danced, but it was a pain!! I can’t move it by myself, so it’s very limiting.

Can I just tell you how I LOVE technology?

Welcome the wireless Sonos System.

All the music on earth. In every room. Wirelessly – it’s a dream come true for music lovers.

I love the fact that music is so much more accessible these days, especially with all the online options. Sonos makes the home listening experience so easy. My son set it up yesterday and within the hour, we were streaming all the music that he already had downloaded onto his computer through our Sonos speaker.

With the Sonos, you can control all the music in your home wirelessly.

Before yesterday, I would just listen to my music through small speakers attached to my computer, but the sound was never “company” worthy. The Sonos system has amazing sound, even better than my 16 year old dated large amp, and I recommended it to my friends at the party. No, this is not a yard sale find type of item. You don’ t find things like this second hand, so it’s one of those line items you put aside for in the budget because it’s a worthy investment, just like any stereo equipment would be. Save where you can, so you can spend on what you want, has always been a theme here. I believe in good investments.

Once the crowds cleared out, it cracked me up because it was only then that the guys at the party noticed what was playing the music. They all started drilling me on it, and had more questions than I could answer, but they all thought it was so cool. So yes, I know this is perfect timing because this would make a great gift for the Dad or Grad in your life.

And here’s what it looked like at the end of our party. Lots of mess. Great music, and a son still coming back for more food. (Yes, we did make it stretch right to the end.)

Full disclosure: I partnered with Sonos to bring you this review, but all enjoyment of our music listening pleasure and opinions are  mine.