blessed and highly favorited

Have you noticed that I’m trying to get back to the Beauty and Bedlam of old? I’m adding in just a little of this and a little of that here and there.

It’s the oddest thing ever because I’ve been feeling paralyzed to some degree with my blog. My desire is to encourage women right where they’re at, yet I peek around at the rest of the blogs out there and wow, the bar is being raised to new heights that I’m not quite ready to tackle, nor do I have the time to do so. They eat, breathe and sleep beautiful, creative moments around the clock and the pictures are just like the magazines. It sucks the life right out of me to try and duplicate that, but it sure is wonderful to look at.

I need to kick that comparison to the curb because I know it’s not reality. So every week (or every other), I’m just sharing some of my random thoughts in posts like this. Some I’ve already shared on Instagram, while others have no rhyme or reason other than it’s you and me sitting on my front porch sharing a cup of coffee and doing life together. That’s my favorite thing. Can we just do my blog from my front porch?

See the word reminder above? In lieu of what I just mentioned, I keep it displayed at all times. So often, we don’t “feel” blessed or highly favored. We miss the beautiful moments that surround us every day by listening to the trap of comparison. We have the opportunity to remind ourselves and choose to believe truth. Say it with me, I’m chosen, loved, accepted and His delight. God’s love never changes!”

Peek into my week

(Starting at the top of the collages and moving down 🙂 I shared a bit of my heart on not having some big huge New Years revelation. As I saw everyone’s huge goals and dreams, mine didn’t feel very worthy because the one thing I kept hearing was “get regular meals back on the table.” Super spiritual, right? Yet, it’s critical. The mundane and the magnificent intersect at the table and it’s a priority I’m not willing to put aside anymore.

So, I started my post on 5 fast ways to get easy meals on the table. We have to start somewhere and this is packed with great ideas.

– Our daily basketball practices are right around the corner from one of our “Rich People’s” Goodwill store. Their clothing is amazing, but typically the home goods and furniture is ridiculous. Not this desk. Beautiful solid wood, antique that I envisioned in my home (except I promised myself I would not buy anymore furniture to paint until I had decluttered some more. UGH! It was painful to pass up, but I posted about it letting all my local friends know they should buy it. :)) I came home and enjoyed my LOVE Mercy print that I put in a yard sale frame that I painted. That will hold me over.

Did you read, “How to Clutter Your House in 12 Simple Steps? DO NOT miss it and make sure you read the comments. They are awesome!

– My happy necklace – Some say bauble necklaces are out, but if they dress up your $2 shirt and give you hope that spring is just around the corner, embrace it.

IG week

– Did you know that I’m heading to NYC’s Fashion Week? I can’t wait. I’ve been dressing outside my comfort zone lately and this fun print leggings paired under my long thrifted sweater was the perfect way to have fun with fashion. Have you dressed out of your comfort zone lately? Give it a try.

– I’m thick in the basketball season with our youngest three children, but last Saturday we took a celebratory 7 1/2 hours car ride to celebrate our #2 son’s Freshman football career (starting center). Yes, Our 295 lb “baby” boy had his football banquet. We are still amazed at the gift he is to so many (and I don’t mean on the field), the amazing coaches he’s learning under since that is such a rare find, the full $250K scholarship his hard work brought (yes, that’s not a typo) and the fact that someone else now pays for his food bill. Grace, sheer grace!

– Speaking of football, with our beloved Packers out, this game was dead to me. I LOVE this picture!! This is my kind of Super Bowl. How about you? Craziest game EVER!!!

Meal making day saves time, money and stress

I finally got another meal making day up on the calendar. I just need this kind of accountability and as I shared earlier, I need to prioritize it. I’ll get a run down on the blog, along with recipes. If you don’t want to wait, I do have an older post that shares a bit about what I did with this. (Read here: Creative Meal Planning)

We tackled 120 burritos, Chicken Tetrazzini, Brunswick Stew (is that a Southern thing?) and Chicken Parm.

embrace the dailys of life because they'll soon be gone
This is my daily drive to basketball practice. Typically, I’m rushed & often irritated since it’s an hour drive round trip and I start counting the moments till our daughter is old enough to drive herself.

Then I catch myself and am reminded that these “daily” obligations will soon be gone and I’ll wish, beg, and plead for them back again.

So last week, I stopped the car (it’s the country, no traffic ;)) and I took a picture of remembrance. How do I miss it in my rush? I want to soak in the gorgeous scenery and remember this precious mother daughter time with my sweet girlie. So come on, ladies, let’s bring on the beauty of the everyday!! It’s there for the taking if we refocus.

annual father daughter dance

And speaking of my girlies. This is such a precious and unique stage of life. After six hours at the gym, the girls played their basketball games. They changed and got ready in the locker room, and then Friday night they were off to their fancy father/daughter dance.

They’ve gone every year since they were 2 years old, so for our eldest, this is a 13 year tradition so far. Such a special time with such a special daddy who knows the importance of dating his little girls and modeling for them what they need to look for in a spouse.

I’d love to hear one of your daily beautiful moments!! Look around. I bet you have one right in front of you that you may have overlooked.