Eating is a reality.

How one goes about accomplishing this is their choice.
Now, I am not just talking about shoving one’s face full of peanut M&M’s – unfortunately, that is one of my realities, I mean actual nourishment for our bodies.When I was single, I lived on Peanut Butter Captain Crunch – seriously, I did (but did you know that it’s fat free?) 🙂
Now, as a mom of many, I have the health of my children on my conscience.
It’s pressure, I know!
What I teach them about eating habits, and healthy living choices will stay with them…for years.

Sometimes, it seems overwhelming.
But, it’s really just about….that dread “P” word….yes, having a plan, and a tiny bit of food knowledge.
So, if the reality is that we have to feed them, and it can’t just be daily Mac and Cheese,
then why not make it memorable?

(New to my blog? Read Creative Meal Planning I –
intro to Kitchen Sister’s Club post first.

Am I the only one who gets caught in the 5pm – What’s for dinner rut?

When I don’t have a plan, I resort to the same old 3-4 meals, yes, over and over again, and the sad thing is that I TEACH meal planning classes.

That’s why I’m always looking for new inspiration and accountability.
Meal swapping offers both of those.
It’s a great way to try new recipes, eat healthier, fellowship, and save money at the same time.
I always go home encouraged in my role as Keeper of the Home.
I love to learn from other ladies, and hopefully, they are encouraged by me as well.

(In case you missed the first post 🙂

As I think back on all the Kitchen Sister Clubs/meal swaps that I have done over the years, I am getting re-energized with my prioritizes in this area.
I’m reminding myself….It’s always a blast, once we’re together.
It allows me to connect with friends, and it’s a blessing to have real, home made food ready at a moment’s notice.

Setting a goal to do make this happen once a month dramatically improves the
quality of my life…or should I say…my family dinner hour’s life.
So, if you’re a friend in real life, just let me know you want to do one, and I’ll get it on the calendar. 🙂

There are three different ways that I have done my Kitchen Sisters’ Club.

1. Make all the meals at home and drop them off at friends’ home.
They, in turn, do the same thing for you.
Example: I make 4 lasagnas, salad, and bread, and deliver them to 3 neighbors.
Then the next week, they do the same for me.
(We already know from my previous posts that cooking a main dish in bulk takes the same amount of time, so always multiply your recipes – always.) This option only works well if you’re in close proximity to each other, so I don’t do this anymore.
I know of ladies who have done this for years with the same 4 friends – now that is a blessing.

2. Host a meal making party in your home where everyone brings the ingredients for their main dish.
I typically did this with 8 ladies.
Each friend was “assigned” one main dish (her preference). She would bring all the ingredients for that entree, and we would them assemble the meal together in my kitchen.
Through much trial and error, I eventually set down some basic ground rules such as everyone has to provide 2 lbs of meat per meal, 8×10 pan etc.
For those with smaller families, they just divided the meal in half.
Lots of fun, and lots of laughter is always had by all.
Down side….my kitchen is a complete wreck when it’s done.

3. Host in home/church – one person organizes, sets the menu, and buys the ingredients.
This requires more work from one person, but there is the option of taking turns in organizing it every month.

I had “stations” with instructions for each meal. I provided all the ingredients (except for 2 of the meals…ladies brought their choice of raw chicken or beef in ziplock bags). The guests then covered the costs of the ingredients.

If starting a Kitchen Sisters Club peeks your interest, and you have questions, I would be more than willing to do a follow up post. Just let me know in the comments.

Just think, next month you could have a freezer full of new meals.
It’s as easy as picking a date, and asking 3-4 other friends to join you.

What do you have to lose?
Nothing…trust me…it’s a good thing.
Now send those friends to my blog, and tell them…
“Read this…we’re doing it.”

(edited to add…I have had the most productive snow day baking bulk batches of goodies for the freezer. It’s so stuffed, I have things in the ice maker… more to come)