Last week, we dreamed about what we would do to celebrate an extra day on our calendar.

It’s just a thing of wonder to have a free day. A day where I can choose to do whatever I want. I really did have one of those days last week and the ways in which I choose to spend it ended up in a smorgasbord of things. (I’ve got some German background, thus the smorgasbord term. 🙂

Last week, I celebrated not only a birthday, but an anniversary. Yes, don’t ask me now why I choose to have two incredibly special days only two days apart. I was young and in love. Now, I would separate that anniversary FAR from the birthday so they don’t get smooshed into one special day, but it is, what it is.

There are so many chores that I am behind on right now. When that happens, and I get a bit overwhelmed, I turn to a historical fiction book to bring my stress level down. Reading just calms me, so I started my free day with some reading in bed. Ah, so relaxing. Then I got up, and imagine my surprise when I wanted to get work done. There’s something about a day when you don’t HAVE to get anything done, that  makes me want to be productive.

So, I caught up on some baking, chores and popped into a few thrift stores. I have cut down on my thrifting this winter, so that was a treat.

Then I enjoyed our family dinner questions over a wonderful meal time with the kids. Well, not all five of them, but these days, we take dinner with who ever we can get. (Have you downloaded my free conversation starter questions? They really make meal time special.)

I realize that my “dream days” are truly simple. We all know how I feel about the fact that often, it’s the “little things that are the big things.” Grandiose dream days are something to enjoy every once in awhile, but I sure know that a simple day feeds my soul just as well.

I am content, and I didn’t even have to spend a cent to achieve that.

My challenge to you is to look ahead at your calendar and see if there’s a day you can mark off for yourself – a day to just celebrate the little things.

Thanks to Quaker Oats for sponsoring our “dream day.” They want everyone to celebrate with them, so if you visit Quaker Oatmeal Squares Facebook page and like it, you’ll receive a free sample box for yourself.

Congratulations to Janet, who won the Quaker Oatmeal Squares cereal and gift card giveaway with her comment on what she’d do with an extra day.

An extra responsibility free day would be heaven. I’d sleep in and spend the day hanging out with my hubby.