Imagine my surprise when a friend pointed out that this year was an official Leap Year. Yes, February 29th only comes around every four years, and 2012 marks one of these special landmarks dates, especially if you are one of those that is a Leap Year baby.

February 29 really needs to be celebrated as a national holiday. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could truly have one additional, yet responsibility free day added to our calendar for no real reason?

One day where no schedule, no wake up time, no work, no meal planning, no deadlines interferes with our dream day?
Oh my, I shouldn’t do this to myself, but we can certainly dream, can’t we? I feel like I do get these kinds of days every once in awhile. If my birthday falls on a weekend, my husband makes sure that this becomes reality. I spend a week savoring the anticipation of what to do. I brainstorm painting projects and thrift store expeditions, yet typically; I end up snuggled in bed with a great cup of coffee and some historical fiction, and I read for most of the day.

I can’t determine if that is deliciously delightful or incredibly boring. Yet, it surely relaxes me, and if I get breakfast in bed, even better. This year though, I’m trying something new, but my breakfast will be easy.

Breakfast around here can be a chaotic time. I wish I could claim that all five of our children rise, and have a perfectly calm breakfast every morning, but that would just be a big lie. One thing I know though is that when Quaker Oatmeal Squares are in the house, you better snag a bowl quickly because they are gone before I pour my coffee.

Quaker believes breakfast should serve as a time for busy moms to break out of the typical routine; it can also be a delightful discovery. For Leap Day, Quaker is celebrating with the launch of a new flavor of Quaker Oatmeal Squares, Honey Nut Crunch. Along with the other well-known flavors, including Brown Sugar, Cinnamon and Golden Maple, the new addition of Honey Nut will add the necessary sweetness to your morning with the same healthy benefits that fuel your day.

I’m joining with Quaker’s fun campaign to celebrate an extra day on the calendar to try something new.

They want everyone to celebrate with them, so try the new Honey Nut variety for yourself. Don’t take my word on it. If you visit Quaker Oatmeal Squares Facebook page and like it, you’ll receive a free sample box for yourself.

Then one fortunate winner will win the full line of Quaker Oats Squares (my kids LOVE them), and an additional $75 Visa gift card to put towards trying something new. It’s all in the spirit of Delightful new Discoveries.

Enter to Win! You have four ways to enter, but only one is necessary to win.

1) What would  you do with one extra day on your calendar?

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Giveaway will close on March 1, and winner will be notified via a follow up post/email.

Thank you to Quaker Oats for sponsoring this giveaway, but of course, the five children that could eat cereal every day is all me. 🙂