Stuffed Pizza Puffs

This past weekend, iconic football games lured my guys to the TV for more hooping and hollering than I have heard in a long time.

That says a LOT considering I sit through more noise than any one mom’s poor ear drums should have to put up with from all my teen guys. I love being a boys (and girl) mom like crazy, but whew, it’s tiring.

So while they sat making all their noise, I decided to play around with some of our favorite shredded cheeses and what began as an appetizer, turned into the perfect creative football meal.

Initially prepared in a mini muffin tins, these Stuffed Pizza Puffs were so good that when our 275 pound football player downed five in one bite, I decided that tiny appetizers = win, but full sized Stuffed Pizza Puffs are a necessity.

For company, I will stick to the smaller size, but these will definitely be a recipe that I make for quick lunches on the go. They are the perfect “hand sized” meal.

Now, you will definitely want to remember this yummy Stuffed Pizza Puff recipe.

Everyone in my family raved about them. They are so versatile, depending on what kind of pizza toppings you like. Take your favorite toppings and just “stuff” them in that batter. Remember, we are the “more meat, the better” kind of family, so ours were chock full, but you can easily cut the meat in half and add extra veggies or just go for a more vegetarian approach, but then they are more like my Egg and Cheese Puffs. 😉

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