As a home where this pizza bread is served during sporting events, please pause and mourn the loss of our beloved Packers. (Que silence for a minute 30 seconds.)

OK, I feel much better now.

Here are a few little known facts about me.

I know party food! I know big eaters. I know easy recipes and this combines the best of them all.

This easy pizza pull apart bread screams versatility because you can pack in all your favorite pizza toppings right into this recipe. It’s one of those dishes that can be served as an appetizer, but fills like a meal and in our home, that is a top priority.

In fact, I made this for a New Year’s Eve get together, but had it done early (Yes, it was a shocker for me too because that rarely occurs with me) . I left the room for a few minutes (horrible mistake when surrounded by teenagers) and when I came back, the plate had crumbs.

CRUMBS, I tell you!!

Fortunately, it really does whip up in minutes, so I was able to make another one in enough time.

While I’ve used my well loved Stone ware, this recipe can be made in any baking dish that you have available. If you use a 9×13, just know that you will keep serve it in the pan or need a big enough serving platter to flip it onto.

Variations of this recipe have been around forever!! In fact, I used to sell Pampered Chef around 15 years ago and I am fairly certain I first began making similar things back then in my kitchen shows.

I have a basic recipe listed, but again, add in your favorites. It’s so easy to layer pepperoni, sausage, peppers, onions, ham, whatever you crave on those pizza to create something even better.When you bake with biscuits or pizza dough, it’s nearly impossible to mess up a recipe like this so just have fun with your creation.

Many of the variations do not include sauce, but I do add some in there, as well as serving it on the side. It’s not necessary.