With five children, three of them being teen aged boys, you can imagine the amount of pizza that we go through in this house. Often homemade pizza and easy pizza crust is my go-to meal when I serve large groups (especially with kids), but when I am in a rush and want the yummy comfort food taste of pizza without the hassle, this Pizza Casserole recipe, made with biscuits, pleases everyone.

The amounts that I have listed are very general. If I have a group of teens walk through the door wanting food immediately,  double this recipe, since it disappears quickly. Have fun and get creative with this easy pizza casserole recipe. Make it your own.

I often get store bought biscuits nearly free with coupons, so this is one of those inexpensive meals as well.  Once, in lieu of biscuits,  I used store bought pizza crust (also nearly free with coupons), and cut it into strips and layered it across the top. This recipe is so easy and forgiving, you can’t mess it up. It’s a perfect casserole to teach to your children on those “Cooking with Kids” Days.

Since I typically cook up my ground beef in bulk, and have it already made, this recipe will come together in approximately five minutes of prep time, which definitely meets my requirement for a “Ten Minute Dinners” recipe.