Time with special girlfriends is a rarity, but quality moments with my sister in law are virtually nonexistent. So when we had a home school conference scheduled right around the corner from one of my favorite destinations, it quickly turned into an event to celebrate.
You know my love for all things thrift, but I bet you didn’t know it extends to food items as well. For years, I have splurged with my time to drive an hour and a half round trip to one of my favorite food stores of all –

The Pepperidge Farm Thrift Store.

Pepperidge Farm Outlet

Row upon row of some of my family’s favorite breads, snacks and treats at “Super Double” couponed prices literally turns me into a kid in a candy store.  To say that the Pepperidge Farms Outlet cashier chuckled at us (and not with us) is an understatement.  With only two aisles in the whole store,  we still shopped for about one hour but like I mentioned, it became an event. We had a blast just going and doing nothing, except search the aisles to see who could find the best deals.
Have you ever had those moments with a girl friend? Time spent together where you enjoyed yourself so much, but you weren’t really doing anything significant but sharing life together?
Well, after my sister in law and I crammed our car full of literally sixty boxes and bags for our stockpile, we carefully selected one item to receive the prominent place of honor between the bucket seats. You know the spot, the area on the armrest where one has to balance the treats so that they can be evenly distributed when your hand slides in the bag.
Guess how we choose to indulge on our hour long car ride home? There wasn’t even a moment of hesitation in deciding our favorite – Milano cookies. (The kids can enjoy the goldfish. ;))
We laughed, giggled and licked our fingers.
Yet, I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you why this afternoon created an even better ironic moment.  I shared last month that I was thrilled to partner with Pepperidge Farms in their Milano Moment campaign to celebrate those special moments.
What I didn’t share was that I got the invitation on literally the same day that I went to the thrift store. One of the general inquiries on the phone was, “Do you like Milano’s?” I started giggling and replied, “Seriously, I just came home with twenty bags of them.” (And they thought I was kidding…)
Unfortunately, our treats go quickly around this place, and I hid the last package of the new Strawberry Milano’s that were sent to me. (Please tell me I’m not the only mom that hides food?)
Guess what I came home to yesterday? Ahh…it felt nearly the same when the kids found their Christmas present last year.
I need to get better on my hiding spots.

Milano cookies

If you were still wondering what else I snatched up besides all those amazing Milano’s, here’s a sneak peak at this store I have been going to ever since I only had two children. You can seriously save SO MUCH money on snacks and breads by stocking up at these outlets.

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish

Even though I often make my own bread, I will buy tons of the short dated loaves and freeze them. This brand is one of my favorite store bought, and I do buy it regularly at my local grocer as well. Look for the coupons, they will often offer them. (We love the sourdough and the Swirl…yum.)

bakery thrift store

When the Goldfish are this much of a steal,  I stock up. With football season here and always having to pack snacks for practice, they go quickly and every time I go, there are some on sale more than others.

Check your local phone book or Google area bakery outlets bakery thrift stores to see if one is offered near you. Remember, I have quite the little drive, but it’s SO worth it. Grab a girl friend or two and make an adventure out of it, and then email me and let me know. I’d love to share that “Milano Moment” with you.

Do you have a friend like that? One that you can just do anything with and it becomes an event?

I have been so busy lately, that I haven’t prioritized that like I should. I plan on doing that now!

Girlfriend time, saving money, and my Milano’s, it doesn’t get any better than that.

save on Pepperidge Farm goldfish