Close your eyes. Kick off your flip flops. Can you feel the grass between your toes?

Stop and think back  – back to a time when you paused for just a moment to say “this is good.”

Through the lens of my camera, I did just that. I watched as the children ran through the grass without a care in the world, giggling till their bellies hurt.


And you know what?  It hit me all over again how I want to embrace the way my children celebrate the little things.

I desire to view life through their lens; one which often celebrates those extra special moments that I take for granted. For them, it was enjoying the feel of a freshly mowed lawn while turning a cartwheel and then rolling down a hill till they were so dizzy they couldn’t see straight, only to get back up and do it again. (Just to note – I consider that insanity. My stomach isn’t what it used to be, but that is a different topic.)


Those are special  moments. Moments that are a bit different than my daughter’s dog days of summer.

Those are the kind of moments when summer means simple pleasures, and I have the privilege of introducing you to one of those moments. It’s no surprise that so many of my most enjoyable moments surround family, friends and food, well, Milano’s newest flavor, Strawberry, instantly skyrocketed to stardom in our house when I received this.

Strawberry Milano package

I know, love me anyhow. If you’re anything like me, memories of a moment when you sit back and take a big “life is good sigh” has at one time or another come with your favorite Milano cookie and a cup of java.

Milano wants you to celebrate those simple moments.  We all know that life is extra sweet when we can slow down enough to take that deep breath and grab one of those quiet, priceless moments. As the Milano site says, “Full of pleasure, harmony and of course, lots of deep, luscious chocolate.”

Do you know that feeling?

Well, some of my favorite food peeps, Pepperidge Farms, the makers of the Strawberry (I’ve died and gone to heaven) Milano cookies want to know what you do to grab those moments.

Visit the Pepperidge Farm’s Milano facebook page to share your Milano Moment and be entered to win a bushel of Strawberry Milano cookies. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a sentence or two, and quite frankly, some of my best Milano moments occur when I am curled up on a sofa reading a good book all by myself. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does…sheer bliss.

Oh, and ONE THE BEST PARTS of me sharing this… I get to share a $0.55 off coupon to try out the Strawberry Milanos for yourself. You all know how much I love my coupons, and it just wouldn’t be me if you couldn’t try them for a deal.

Yes, you could be enjoying this bushel by sharing your Milano Moment . Don’t miss out. Trust me, they are that good. 🙂

Strawberry Milano

Full Disclosure: I am a Milano Maven and this post is part of a sponsored campaign on behalf of Pepperidge Farm Strawberry Milanos. However, words, thoughts, opinions are my own, and I take full responsibility for downing that delicious bag of Strawberry Milanos in one sitting. 🙂