new years day party

New Year’s Day Party

There are so many fun ways to celebrate and embrace a fresh, new year.  If you LOVE staying up till midnight, check out these New Year’s Eve Tradition ideas for the family but here is a fun idea for New Years Day.


As I think longingly on the days when my husband and I declared, “Sleep is overrated, I realize that I am just not as young as I used to be, especially when it comes to New Year’s Eve celebrations with little ones.

With young children and the high cost of child care for New Year’s Eve, the traditional late night  festivities just won’t work for many of you.  Why not change things up a little bit and ring in the “Noon” Year.

This is a wonderful way to share the excitement of the New Year with your children during a time when they can really enjoy it. Instead of celebrating at midnight, save the New Year’s Eve party for the next day. Invite friends, neighbors and/or family to a special brunch starting at around 10 a.m. and culminating at noon with a celebration just like you’d typically have at midnight.

Encourage kids to  get up on chairs, “leap” into the New Year, pop balloons filled with confetti, and blow those loud horns. Be sure to take a photo of everyone leaping in their party hats. Place it in a photo frame, along with a little saved confetti and hang it on the wall just inside your entryway for the month of January. It will act as a reminder of how much fun a party can be anytime of the day, and your kids will remember what cool parents they have.

This is the time of year when people LOVE spontaneity.

I guarantee if you call up a few family friends today, and have every one bring a little dish to share, you will have a low key, low stress party (since it’s last minute, no one will expect it to be over the top)  that everyone will cherish.  Remember, hospitality is about sharing time together, and this is a perfect time to remember the blessings of friendship.

A few years ago, I rebelled against New Year’s Resolutions and it was a season of encouragement for me. I hope it rings true for you as well. Read about it here!  🙂

Re-post from years ago. 🙂