10 Reasons Why You Bring Me Joy - free printable

Mother’s Day is here and there are so many wonderful ways to honor those in our life who have made an impact. Whether they are the woman who raised you or just an inspirational mother figure in your life, let them know how much joy they bring you.

It’s as easy and printing off this 10 Reasons Why You Bring Me Joy card onto cardstock and filling it in with words of encouragement.

It’s not about spending a lot of money or investing in a dream trip, just let them know,so in case I didn’t ignite your creative juices with my first Mother’s Day tradition ideas post here, I thought I would share a few more for my crafty or cooking kind of girl friends.

Through the GenerationsCreate a ‘Through the Generations’ beautiful keepsake (instructions here) that honors the women in your family by displaying their photos side-by-side in an accordion style booklet. This is a touching gift to give someone you love for Mother’s Day. You may want to prepare one for every woman in your family and save them all for unexpected gifts.
I offer a silk Mother’s Day album that you may purchase at my discount if you desire.

Accordion style album

Recipes for Joy – This is the perfect keepsake to prepare at the time of the year when Mother’s Day is close at hand. Women always seem to have certain wisdom about life and a distinct sense about what makes life joyful. Ask any woman and she’ll have no problem sharing her secret for happiness with you. That’s exactly what you are going to do this month. Ask every woman in your family to write down her “Recipe for Joy” and collect them in a recipe box or a recipe book. See the full description of our family recipe album, plus a free printable for Recipes for joy.

Love Cake – The Love Cake is a great way to celebrate love on Mother’s Day. Have every family member write down a message of love and paste their photo onto a heart shaped ‘locket’ cut from red or pink construction paper. Things like “I love you, ma, because you always make my favorite cookies,” or “Mom, I love how you always make my friends feel welcome.” Display the heart lockets around a Love Cake and take turns reading them as you enjoy dessert. Everyone, especially the children, will enjoy reading their sweet messages to the person they love. Be sure to take a photo of your Love Cake to place in a Mothers Day frame and glue the hearts around the photo.

Two printable gifts for you on Mother’s Day –

1. Printable traditions and ideas including ‘What Mom Means to Me Cake’ in my Mother’s Day file.

2. Mother’s Day Ideas emphasizing character quality of Joy All the ideas listed  are located one high quality printable gift for you