Hearts of Loving Kindness

As you know, we love to weave traditions into our family tapestry. They’re frugal, intentional, and bring joy for years to come. Here are some of our favorites for Valentine’s Day.

Hearts of Loving Kindness

The Treasure Hunt of Love

Love Coupons This activity can easily be created at home with some help from little hands. Purchase pretty construction paper in red, pink and ivory. Cut out 3” x 2” pieces of paper, enough to make seven for each family member. Using crayons or markers, write down fun things on each coupon that everyone in the family is capable of doing to show loving kindness for another family member. This can include things like “I will help in the kitchen” or “Let’s make the bed together.”

Include the name of the person to be helped on the back. Starting a week before Valentine’s Day, each person picks a coupon a day and helps perform that task. Display the completed coupons on the refrigerator or a family bulletin board for everyone to see. Be sure to write down all the ways your family demonstrated kindness on the card provided in the pocket. This simple keepsake will be treasured for years to come.

And now I have done more posts in two days than ever before…I am done….thank you, and leaving the computer for awhile! 🙂