Wars declared. Family members turned enemy. Murders committed. Lives taken.
How’s that for a few encouraging words this Sunday, Day 2?
Throughout history, the plethora of true life events tied to the desire for money rival any bestselling book or soap opera.
So many strong emotions and feelings are tied to the topic of money. Yet, as we begin our series focusing on this topic, one needs to realize that money is a-moral.
Read that again. Money is amoral. Money, in and of itself,  is neither good nor bad. Cold, hard cash is not moral, nor is it evil.
Whether you believe the Bible to be the Word of God or just a historical book, the scripture that declares, “The love of money is the root of all evil,” packs a punch of truth and wisdom that I adhere to as we approach our future discussions. It’s the heart attitude behind money that creates or solves problems.
For years, I have been content with little money, but I also know that increasing our income allows our family to be more generous, prepare for the future, stay debt free and help those in need.
It’s a matter of balance, and I try to have a regular attitude check in terms of perspective on “wants vs. needs.
But that topic, is saved for another day. 🙂
Have you ever thought of money as being amoral? Kind of an interesting perspective, isn’t it?