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After I did my Make Over 101 post, and added my P.S. about doing some tutorials, I have received many questions as to what my recommendations are for make up. I’ll try and get creative over the next month and highlight some fun and inexpensive choices, as well as show you how we can take our make up application up a notch for the holidays. Applying make up doesn’t have to be intimidating, and with a few easy suggestions I’ll show you how much fun we can have with just a few tools.

I’ve given make overs for years, and my opinions on skin care and products have remained fairly consistent over the last two decades. I invest in a few good quality skin care products, namely my moisturizer, but have fun and try everything from the ultra cheap to the mid range for make up. There’s nothing I love more than having five different eye shadows to play around with at one time, especially when I am not worrying about high end prices. Even though I have tested some of those, I do not think it’s necessary to spend a crazy amount on make up when some of the basic, low cost brands result in the same look. The only product that I may spend a little bit more on is my foundations (powder foundation). I can’t stress enough how important it is to find a foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone and brings out the natural beauty of your face, not the other way around.  Do you only use one color for your lips? Get out of that rut. Having a variety of lip colors can add a new dimensions to your day to day look,  but you do have to sift through the cheaper ones to find a few gems. Poor lip sticks will make your lips dry, as well as leave the color all over that hamburger bun. 😉 Decide what your goal is for make up and have it work with you. As we enter the holiday season, add some inexpensive colors to your cart and have fun for those few special nights.
As our daughters take on my love of color, the last few Christmases have resulted in stocking full of nail polish and lip gloss. Good thing I found some frugal options through ELF. They have been around for decades, and I have been very impressed with some of the things they offer.
Here are a few great coupon codes that I found as I was browsing. This is the first holiday shopping where most of my shopping will be done early.
ELF: All Mineral makeup 25% Off! Use Coupon Code EGMINERALC With Any Order Of $25.
Take 25% Off Holiday Gift Sets for everyone on your list. Use coupon code SETS25 on orders over $25 through 11/23. (One of my favorite eye shadow kits just sold out, but there are ten other great options. I will let you know when the deal comes back on line.)
Take $5 off any purchase from ELF.
Sally Beauty Supplies: Copy this code and use it at checkout. Use Coupon Code: 555938 for 20% off Orders of $25 or More Use the code at checkout and save 20% off any order of $25 or more. Ends November 30th.
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