makeup collage

It wasn’t about make-up, although she thought it was…
It wasn’t about beauty, or at least the kind that she was focusing on…
It wasn’t even about pampering mommy, but please don’t tell her that…
It was about embedding in her truth.
These few minutes of time, freely given and devoted to my daughter, are the kinds of moments that often slip right by if we don’t seize them…and fight for them.
As my daughter “beautified” me with the best routine she could think of….makeup, hair, and the works, I reminded her that she is utterly and unconditionally loved. Completely lavished with love is she,  not because of  her physical beauty, or what she does, or the activities with which she participates (or doesn’t participate), but because the One who made her adores her, and always wants what’s best for her.
So as she applied foundation on my face, I reassured her of what our family’s true foundation rest upon. As the eye shadow brushed the crevices of my lids, we shared about what colors looks best with mommy’s eye color, but I reassured her that all the make up in the world can’t take the place of a pretty heart desiring to serve others.  As the blush went on, I recounted a story of a woman whose whole face was burned in a plane crash, and shared that external looks are fleeting, but internal joy personifies beauty. And as she assured me she could put on my mascara perfectly, I told her she better not jab my eye out. (Every moment can’t be perfect. ) And when she did jab my eye, the ministering moment was over, but I know that it wasn’t lost.
She won’t be able to tell you what we talked about because to her it was all about making mommy pretty, but I pray that those subtle undertones whispered to her throughout these important years will continue to establish the foundation of real truth.
The  frugal fashion, the makeup, the exercising,  yes, all topics that this mommy regards as fun, and also concepts that reign in aspects of our femininity, but they are not what makes women beautiful.
Have you reminded the women in your life of that truth lately? How about yourself?
(P.S. For those of you who were all excited that I was diving into make up, and then read this, and it wasn’t what you were anticipating, we’ll get there.  This blog does have “beauty” in the title, so we can take that literally.  Since I have showed people how to apply their make up for years, we can conquer some of those topics as well, BUT it’s still not the source of true beauty. It’s just the outer fun part. And yes, I really did just post a picture of me without makeup ;))