Yes, I know you may be rolling your eyes, thinking there’s nothing as good as plain ‘ole Southern Fried chicken. Here in the South, they have perfected fried chicken and it’s truly an art, so it is really possible to have a low fat chicken recipe that mimics that crunch?

While I can’t quite match the full fledged deep fried perfection, I can come fairly close with flavor and I can guarantee that your arteries and fat count content will thank me.

For the last few weeks, I’ve kicking back to my low carb and no white sugar eating habits. You may remember when I tackled the 17 Day Diet with amazing success. It truly taught me a lot about my eating habits and the fact that I do have a tiny bit of discipline left in me.

Can I be honest and admit that I want to lose the ten pounds I’ve gained because I don’t want to go into the holidays adding even more? So I’m losing it, to have a little freedom with my treats because I love my easy Pumpkin Bars recipe a whole bunch. That’s a kind of balance, isn’t it? 😉

Enough about me. Here is a fantastic recipe that mimics the crunch of fried chicken that we love without sacrificing all the flavor.  Plus, it’s a great recipe for which to include the kids. They love mixing and shaking and can master this one on their own.

As I’ve played around with this recipe, I’ve tweaked here and there with various seasonings, cereals and even added a touch of Parmesan cheese. Plus, it meets all the requirements for my 10 Minute Dinners prep time and that’s always a win-win!

If you enjoy this, you’ll love my 10 Minute Parmesan Ranch Chicken Tenders that don’t need the extra bake time or my Cheesey Ranch Chicken, which is always a hit (it just isn’t fit into my 17 Day Diet recipes.)