In my world, I can never create enough recipes that use chicken, and when I make dishes the kids all declare as winners, they don’t mind chicken often.

From the first time I made this, it definitely received high ratings, so now I’ve tweaked it to where I can prepare it in only five minutes.  Considering the majority of the ingredients are pantry staples in our home, it’s one of those easy and quick “Ten Minute Dinners.

When I first made it, I went through the very simple steps of dumping each piece of chicken in the dressing, and then drenching it in the breadcrumb mixture, but I quickly realized that takes additional minutes that aren’t necessary. (Although, I often recommend making it like that for the first time.)

Since I am all about washing as few dishes as possible, I now layer the chicken in the pan, pour the dressing on top, and toss the chicken pieces right in the baking dish. Then I sprinkle my crumb mixture right on top. Again, I turn to coat all the pieces right in the pan.

Here’s what I love. Since this is SO good the next day, I fill an 8×10 with as much chicken as I can and just eye ball the ingredients. Yes, that makes many of you nervous, so that is why I recommend using the “Real” recipe the first time and then experiment for future baking.  Since I know how much we like my 3 ingredient Cheesey Cracker Chicken recipe, if I don’t have breadcrumbs, I use crackers, and yes, I have even been known to use up a combination of crackers and chips that were on the verge of going stale. (Ok, maybe they were completely stale.) It’s all part of my “No Food Waste” mentality.

I hope you enjoy this as much as we do. This Cheesey Cheddar Ranch Chicken is a keeper in our home.