How can this be so good with only 3 Ingredient? Yummy Cheesey Chicken - such a quick meal idea!

When I first got married, I was continually looking for easy and quick recipes that caused my hubby to think I might possibly know what I was doing in the kitchen. Quite ironically, it’s eighteen years later, and I still look for the same kind of recipes, but now I do know what I am doing in the kitchen.

This Cracker Chicken Recipe tops my list as one of the easiest recipes for beginner cooks, yet you just might find it stays in your recipe repertoire for years to come. The beauty of this basic cheesy chicken concept is that each time you make it, you can add and tweak the recipe to your hearts content.

Not only is it one of my Ten Minute Dinner recipes, but it also comes under my “Cooking with Kids” category. This week I specifically chose this recipe because of my Pantry Challenge – trying to use up what I have on hand.

As I was organizing, I found three packages of open crackers – Ritz, Saltines and a store brand, complements of my children. All of them were less than fresh, making this a perfect recipe to use up slightly stale crackers, since they cook up deliciously.

Enjoy the simplicity of this cheesy, chicken recipe, just don’t share your secrets on how easy it is.

This picture catalogs proof of how dinner can be whipped up in less than two minutes. One thawed package of chicken lurked in our fridge, so I threw the few chicken breasts on our toaster oven tray and then sprinkled crushed crackers, seasonings like garlic salt and onion powder, along with fresh Parmesan cheese. I finished by pouring butter over the top and baked in toaster oven.

Sometimes we over think dinner. This recipe isn’t for those attempting to achieve gourmet greatness, but rather for those of us desiring to get a home cooked meal on the table, without resorting to pre-packaged convenience. This is both cost effective, quick and delicious.