Make your own fabric bunting for easy decor

Yesterday morning, I glanced out my kitchen window to a bit of glory glistening. After weeks of unending rain, the sun streamed so brightly, the fall foliage showed off in all its wonder and the adorable fabric banners hung (over my favorite swinging bed that our son made me) flickered in the wind.

It was definitely a Little House Moment. I don’t know about you, but Little House on the Prairie books and TV series stir such fond memories of my childhood.

My parents were strict about TV viewing and I wasn’t allowed to watch any TV during the week, EXCEPT for Monday nights. I waited all week for that hour; sixty minutes that transported me back in time to a more simple way of life, one rich with tradition, heritage, and character building moments and then I head to my room to read.

When the in and out craziness of our hustle and bustle life get the best of me, I yearn for times like that. That’s why I have this desire to learn a bit more about living off the land, gardening and being more self sufficient.

Every year I write about planting my big garden and then the reality of NC July heat hits and I realize I’m just a bit too lazy for the true Little House way of life. Can anyone relate?

I’m not giving up on my dream though; someday I’ll have that barn built and we’ll host times together to learn the skills that came so naturally to Laura and Mary, but until then, did you know that Little House on the Prairie has a website?

Yes, they sure do and I’ve been stalking it non stop. You will LOVE IT and it has so many creative and inspiring ideas and information.

It brings me full circle because if you’ve ever heard me speak, I always bring up Little House on the Prairie. It’s the one show growing up that always brought me to tears no matter what.

MAKE a beautiful banner with Little House on the Prairie fabric

A few years ago, I bought a sewing machine for our eldest daughter in hopes that she might find a “Little House” type hobby with that sweet machine that I never did. Well, it didn’t end up being her, but our youngest just might have gotten the bug. I signed her up for a few sewing lessons and she has the basics down. 

Last week, my sweet, visiting sister in law, who is the biggest quilter I know, passed on some excitement and encouragement to her and we had such fun with the new Little House on the Prairie® Andover Fabrics Collection.

For the past few years, I’ve been on a banner kick. They just add so much to any home, party or entertaining spot, but typically, I just print them out using my Free Banner Alphabet template or hot glue something together.

Not this time!

I used the template to cut the triangles, but then I made the bottom banner by doing a straight stick onto some jean type ribbon and my daughter did the top banner just stitching the fabric pieces together. It was SO simple that I can’t believe we didn’t do this before.

Such a perfect Little House MomentLove this outdoor inspiration - wooden bed swing and fabric banners

I am not a sewer AT ALL, so if I can do this, so can you. I’ll do a step by step tutorial soon for those that still don’t believe me.

My sister in love also showed my daughter how to make a simple “envelope” type of pillow case. They didn’t use a pattern or anything and it turned out just adorable.

Outdoor inspiration - Little House on the Prairie

She was so proud of her work (and this mommas was too.)

You are going to want to check here to find the local store that carries the Little House on the Prairie® Andover Fabrics Collection. Grab the books, re-read them and have some fun diving into that wonderful world.

This is such a wonderful outdoor party idea - easy fabric banner and swinging bedMake your own fabric banner. Easy tutorial and printable pattern

Little House on the Prairie Fabric line

Was Little House on the Prairie part of your growing up years?