Easy Garden Fresh Pico de gallo

As I’ve shared a little about our homestead, with 30 acres, 19 cousins and my siblings, I’ve also shared my attempts at gardening. There’s something about the onset of spring that brings out the Little House on the Prairie feel.

I become so inspired to live off the land, grown my own produce, and my final goal is to learn  how to can all my crops (I’ve been saying that for ten years.)

Every year,  I’ve told myself I MUST start my seeds within the next month to get a jump on the season, but then reality hits and I still don’t get my veggies and herbs planted in time. I end up buying full plants, which are significantly more expensive, plus I have lost out on precious months of the growing season. (I have lots of funny posts about my wanna be “Living off the land desire.”

I still chuckle at my first experience growing asparagus. Check it out. You may be shocked at how huge they grow if not picked correctly.)

This year is going to be different, and I’m so thrilled to learn about about Gro-ables.

If you are new to gardening and have always wanted to try growing your own food, or like me, and just want a jump start on the process, these seed pods are designed to simplify the growing process so it’s not overwhelming or confusing.

For those of you with limited space or who may even want to try container or inside gardening, this is perfect!!

I can’t wait to grow some cilantro and basil right in my kitchen. I use those two herbs all summer long and they are perfect for my pesto and Fresh, Homemade Pico de gallo recipes. There’s just nothing better than fresh homemade garden salsa!!

I can’t wait to have those veggies straight from my garden, so I can be making this once again. With this crazy winter weather that we’ve been having, just beginning the thought process of enjoying garden produce brings a little touch of warm to my soul.

I’ll make sure and share some peeks of my garden this summer, but for now, enjoy this fresh, homemade Pico de gallo recipe.

As with all recipes like this, add your own kick to it and spice it up how you prefer.

This is a very fresh version. 🙂

Do you plant a garden? What are you favorite veggies to grow?


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