There’s something about a simple, yet elegant, centerpiece that creates a beautiful ambiance on what could otherwise be a boring table.  Recently, I shared some of my fun and frugal centerpieces. After that I attended a dinner in a room filled with 200 tables, all which had a lovely variation of a lemon centerpiece.

Such a simply beautiful,  yet understated presentation.

It sparked me on a creative brainstorm because one of my nieces, who feels like a second daughter, just got engaged and decided to have her wedding in three months. Yes, only three months to plan a large wedding on a budget.

Since she lives right next store to me, I want to help as much as possible.

Her desire is to have it in a big, beautiful barn, so the centerpieces will be ones we can create ourselves, with a more casual feel.

Simple, DIY Lemon Centerpieces are a perfect option for a summer wedding, and this bouquet below is simply breathtaking.

(photo used with permission from this very talented photographer – check her out)

 The more creative ideas I see with lemons, the more I know it’s such a simple solution to dress up any ordinary table.

Considering I purchased fifty mark down lemons, I decided to decorate my kitchen table with some quick and easy lemon centerpieces.

I love to challenge myself by using things I already have in my home, but implementing them in varying ways.

Remember that any local thrift store or yard sale will have a plethora of glass containers for under $1.

The five blooming tulips in my flower bed, yes, only five, but they make me so happy, matched the lemons perfectly.

I use lemons and limes in vases quite frequently, but dear Martha Stewart showed us ways to utilize whole lemons in such an elegant way that they work as the main centerpieces for an entertaining event.

I purchased this bowl at a yard sale for a $1. I then spray painted it and it looks nearly identical to the one shown here.

Look at how beautiful this looks with a few leaves layered on the lemons. By adding silver accents this can be dressed up for a more elegant affair.

Aren’t these all such great ideas? I love having my creativity sparked.

As the price of lemons falls for the summer months, enjoy both the contest of who makes the best homemade lemonade (perfecting the Chick-fil-a secret), which is going on in our home, and re-purposing a luscious lemon into a beautiful centerpiece.

Do you ever decorate with lemons or limes? I’d love to hear what you’ve done.