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Walking through the side door entry way of our home, I enter a place of solace for me.
My laundry room is my happy place. A place to escape the reality of day to day life as a mom, chauffeur, nurse, teacher, chef, accountant…you know the drill.
Neatly organized with touches of yard sale decor that I have found for pennies on the dollar, organized baskets that fit perfectly under my DIY shelf, and beautiful glass jars display the laundry soap that send sweet smells of fresh spring, which permeate the living space. Fresh flowers cut daily from either my herb or long stemmed flower garden grace the neatly organized laundry room counters.
Yes, this is my reality.



Right now, this is my reality!
Because even though last year, I did redo a laundry room makeover, and am always amazed at what a little paint does for the budget, I have no area for cabinets, no place to fold the clothes, and I have not managed to figure out a way to conquer the Crazy Amount of shoe shoveling I have to do to find my own.
(Even though we have put great organizational ideas in place numerous times..cough cough. I will get that sorted out soon! Very soon! Pinky promise!)

So I am attempting to embrace this season because I know that soon enough, I won’t have cute little girl clothes to fold, or football clothes that smell.
And when that’s all gone, I know I’ll think back on how I regret having “wished the moments away.”
Because it’s truly the little things that are the big things, and I am going to think more about these precious little things. πŸ™‚