It’s hard for me to believe that I am coming up on the one year anniversary of my very first Frugal Fashionista post. So much has happened with my blog in just a year, yet a core topic remains the same – I love encouraging the Frugal Fashionista spirit. It has been a joy to celebrate with you as you share your finds. (Now, I can’t wait for yard sale season to start up, so I can spruce up my home a bit. )
Now, I would love to hear what you desire out of this series.
Help me, Help you.
What fashion questions do you have? Are there areas that you would like for me to address or are you just happy knowing that their are deals out there?
Some of the topics that will be forthcoming are:

  • Identify your body type and learn how to dress for that type.
  • Determine what skin tone/season you are and learn how to pick colors to flatter that tone (both with make up and clothes).
  • Understand the power of accessories and learn how to use them to dress up the most basic of outfits. (Don’t you just love how my chunky brown necklace makes such a basic brown shirt pop?)
  • Additional vlogs  – yes, the next scarf typing video :), and ??


Now, I know you’ve  been waiting patiently for the outfit details…
Whenever I feel lazy, I’ve shared how I grab monochromatic pieces and put them together. Well, this is exactly what I did here. No fuss, no decision making, just browns. Initially,  I was worried it was really boring, but matched with my chunky necklace and boots, I just love it, and it’s SO comfortable.

  • Gap shirt – $1 (yard sale)
  • Chunky necklace and bracelet – $1.50 total
  • Brown (amazing brand, but I’m too lazy to go look in my closet) skirt  – $2 discount day – thrift store ( I bought it because the fabric is that soft cotton that you just want to sleep in, but the unique, out of the box details, make it fun. I can’t believe it wasn’t snatched up, but I think it intimidated people on the hanger since it’s so different.)
  • Banana Republic like new leather boots – do you remember? Sit down for this if you don’t….See the price here….

You can do the math…I know, I know, some girls have all the luck (are you humming that song now?) 🙂
But remember, this outfit took time, patience and three different yard sales before I could put it together as a complete ensemble.
I look forward to hearing your comments about the Frugal Fashionista  series. It’s for you,  so share what you want out of it.