With a large family that’s on the go more than I like,  muffins are a wonderful option for breakfast on the run.

I’d love to say we rarely eat in the car and that meals are always a leisurely, relaxing experience around the kitchen table, but that daily occurrence ended years ago. When we are together, I cherish it and I do fight for those family meal times.

While most of the muffins I make for breakfast are healthy like my Banana Oatmeal Muffins every once in awhile, I like to surprise them with some extra goodness.

I’d say a few bits of Heath bar sprinkled throughout the batter, ending with a Toffee topping, definitely scores in the Mommy baking department, plus the frugal girl in me feels a fond affection for this recipe since I snatched up 50% off Heath bars the day after Halloween. 🙂

Yes, with a recipe named Heath Bar Mini Muffins, you’d assume these would be incredibly sweet, but the batter only has 1/3 cup of brown sugar. It’s the toffee that adds the sweetness and I admit, the second batch got even more Heath bits than the first.

I double everything below and I divide the batter between mini muffins and regular sized tins, since what’s the point of one son eating 12 mini muffins? 🙂 I also can’t rave about my Non-Stick Mini Muffin Pans enough.

In fact, I used either  Silicone Muffin Pan, non stick or stone ware pans for all my muffin baking since I’ve had one too many stuck baked goods in the past.

Often I end up improvising with recipes. With this one, I’ve run out of milk before and substituted some flavored coffee creamer. It made for a wonderfully delightful change in flavor, and also add additional sweetness to the batter which our sons did not mind at all.

So enjoy some Crunchy Toffee Goodness this week, I sure will.