Fresh Basil, garden tomatoes, sliced peppers in my stir fry, and the grill cranked all summer.

Can you hardly wait? I can almost smell and taste them right now.

Our North Carolina ice and snow-mageden is finally over and yesterday’s time outside felt wonderful.

Nearly all of the NC gardeners have been throw for a loop with the low temps that consistently plagued our region, so I am way behind in all my gardening plans.  Since I was focused on scraping my car each morning, gardening was not in my mind.

I know, I know, there is no excuse.

I am dreaming about my fresh Homemade Pico de Gallo with my homegrown basil and I can’t wait to use that same basil along with my peppers and tomatoes on this Grilled Veggie Pizza.

Since we are attempting to eat with more whole foods and greens, which include lots of fresh salads and veggies.

There are just so many delicious options for fresh garden growing. I am excited for grilling and if you have never tried a Grilled Pizza, this will revolutionize the way you think about family pizza night. You may  never go back.

Since my Homemade Pizza Crust is very easy to whip up, I typically lean that way, until I found one of the best kept grocery secrets. In most grocer deli sections, they sell their homemade pizza crust for $1-2. It comes wrapped in a big dough ball, just like when you make it at home. Never resort to prepackaged crust again, This is cheaper and better for you. That is my public service announcement for the day, You are welcome. 🙂

Now unto this mouth watering Grilled Veggie Pizza.

Enjoy!! There’s so much fun in growing your own produce and I’m excited to see your gardens this summer.