Are you new to my Frugal Fashionista series? Find out how I dress in designer clothes for less. Yes,ย  for mere pennies on the dollar, all outfits are less than $15, and did I mentionโ€ฆsecond hand?)

As delighted as I am that summer is approaching, I mourn putting my new-to-me favorite black jacket away. “Stolen” from a yard sale for only $3, the unique collar and flattering fit let me throw it over anything when the weather was cool, and it looked polished.
As I share my love of black core wardrobe pieces, a reader mentioned that her husband thinks she wears too much black.
Hmm…is it possible to wear too much black? Many would answer with a resounding “yes,” and yet I know that I fall prey to that tendency as well.
How can my reader begin taking baby steps towards adding more color into her wardrobe without spending a lot at one time to buy new pieces? Start by mixing in a few color accent pieces with the basic black that you already own.
Let’s use my same $3 black jacket as an example, and be daring – add in some hot pink accents like this $3 Goodwill shirt or $1 yard sale shoes (any bold color choice would work). Don’t worry, you can be as subtle as you want for starters.
Remember when I was on the hunt for an asymmetrical sweater? I layered my black with green, and it’s a perfect blend of color and neutral.
asymetrical sweater The Asymmetrical Sweater: Frugal FashionistaThis picture below hasn’t left my camera card in months due to the blurriness, but this is a perfect example ofย  how a great accessory piece (necklace) can go from casual (above) to dressy (below) with this $3 little black dress.
But if I were trying to help the reader with her quandary of too much black, I would recommend highlighting some fun colored accessories with that little black dress. Any of the options below paired with black would be remarkable.

Those green bangles would add such a great pop with this black yard sale shirt and green yard sale jacket. Just one more way to slowly add in color to your already existing black shirt, and my readers husband wouldn’t for one minute complain about too much black.
And of course, my ever favorite statement piece – the scarf.ย  You know I think any color scarf will dress up a black top, shirt, sweater, dress or blazer. You can see this turquoise scarf in my One Dress, Wear it Three Ways post, or if you aren’t sure where to even start with tying a scarf, I have done two videos on How to Tie Scarves.
Just this past Saturday, I hit a fashion haul in a really nice neighborhood. I picked up both of these amazing pieces for only $2.
I love how this gorgeous pink shawl can dress up what is seriously a simple black t-shirt. Add long earrings, and one can go from weeding the garden to elegant in 30 seconds or less. ๐Ÿ™‚
Another $2 wrap – this picture doesn’t do it justice. It’s quite elegant with a subtle gold threading running through the fabric.
And just to prove that pictures aren’t always what they seem. I wasn’t kidding above. I was a gross, grimy mess at the time of these pictures, but if you put a beautiful shawl and earrings on, it just proves how easy being a frugal fashionista can be with the right second hand treasure.

So, let’s help my reader out.
Do you think one can wear too much black? What are some suggestions you would throw her way?