Thrifting just runs in my blood. I think it’s an additional gene I was given in the womb. My mind thinks in second hand images, so I thought I would take you along for a sneak peak into one of my latest visits to Goodwill. I have the best friends who agreed to model for me on the spot with no advanced warning.
I had so much fun that I ran out of battery and never even got to the housewares department. I’m making these videos a regular feature here on Balancing Beauty and Bedlam, so we’ll definitely get to .

Forgive the dark intro. I didn’t notice that complete video fail untill I got home and did not want to reshoot it.ย  We’ll work on that. ๐Ÿ™‚
Please know that when I mention larger sizes, that is such a relative term. Someone can be in excellent shape and look fabulous wearing a size 16. I have worn anywhere from aย  size 6 – 20, so I am familiar with many different sizes in thrift store shopping. My point in mentioning larger sizes is not to say that a “12” is large ( I often wear a 12), but I get many comments stating you can only shop second hand if you’re a size 8 or under. I was thrilled that we found some great options for ladies ranging from sizes from 12-22. It may take a bit longer to find the treasure,ย  but that XL blazer I showed in the video would retail for hundreds. Plus, it will make you feel better to actually see the ten pounds I’ve gained over the last few months. I told you it’s a constant battle. Ugh – I hate winter…I’ll get it off again quickly.
Feel free to laugh at my first video thrifting attempt. We were laughing hard ourselves. ๐Ÿ™‚
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