Balancing Beauty and Bedlam is the place this week for Father’s Day tradition ideas. . And remember, with a little tweaking, these are ideas that will work for grandpa as well.

So far we’ve shared how we can celebrate dad with his own Papa Pizza, and then finish up with an easy, yet memorable Father’s Day cake or give him his own personalized coupon book by printing it here.

Still need ideas?

How about: The Price Is Right – Surprise Dad on Father’s Day with a new tradition that will keep him smiling through the year. Using 4 x 4 inch pieces of card stock, write a favorite activity on one side (napping, playing golf, going on a walk with Mom) and list the price each of these will cost him this year on the other side. Present the cards one at a time on Father’s Day and watch as Dad laughs at the cost of his activities: a hug before the nap or a kiss while on the walk with Mom or maybe he has to sing The Star Spangled Banner on the 6th hole at the Golf Course! What a fun tradition that helps children stay focused on the things that Dad loves to do.

You’re the Best Dad Ever
Every year, ask each of your children what they love most about their Dad. Write their answers on little cards cut in the shape of a man’s tie. They can be made with a variety of colored construction paper, and embellished with stripes or plaids. Your children will have fun hiding these cards in places where they are sure to be found in the morning…inside Dad’s favorite coffee mug, underneath his shaving cream, on the door on his way out to get the newspaper, etc. He will wonder why everyone is watching him so closely as he starts to pour himself a cup of coffee that next morning. After collecting all of his Father’s Day notes of appreciation, you can collage them into a Father’s Day album with your annual photo of “surprise!” as Dad discovers one in a place he didn’t expect. This is a tradition he will really look forward to each year

King for the Day – Give Dad the royal treatment he deserves for Father’s Day with a present he’ll never forget. Start with his favorite place to relax: the hammock, a lawn chair or the recliner in the TV room, and build his throne. Then equip it with everything he needs to feel like “King for the Day”. Set up a side table with all his favorite foods and drinks, including a bucket of ice to keep them cold. Use duct tape or clamps to attach an umbrella, a mini fan and a comfortable pillow. Create a royal crown out of golden yellow construction paper wrapped around his favorite hat and labeled #1 DAD. Make sure the essentials are within reach: remote control, newspaper, fly swatter and a back scratcher. But don’t forget the most important thing of all—a handy bell to ring for service. This will make a great photo for your Father’s Day book, and every year the rest of the family will have fun building a bigger and better throne.

King Dad top angle