Father’s Day Cake (with cupcakes) –

After you’ve made your Papa Pizza, you definitely need some dessert to finish the day. There are many recipes that you can find for a Father’s Day cake, but few will create a memorable experience like this one. You will not want to miss this easy to make idea created with your choice of home made or store bought cupcakes. 🙂

Here are the directions:

A few days before Father’s Day ask everyone in your family to select photos of Dad they like the best. Make sure to include in your selection photos of Dad at all ages (photos of him with his Father would be extra special on Father’s Day). You can easily crop, re-size or print out your
photos (in sepia tone for a real antique look) at your local Kinkos. Make each photo 2” x 3” and glue on a stick (the sticks could be Popsicle sticks or wooden BBQ skewers cut to the right length).
Now it’s time to prepare the cupcakes. It makes no difference if the cupcakes are made from a box or an old family recipe (it’s the pictures that count). Once the cupcakes are prepared, frost each cupcake with Dad’s favorite frosting. Place one photo-on-a-stick into each cupcake and display on a platter. Dad will love reliving the memories as he eats his “Father’s Day Cake”.

(Along with the picture of the Father’s Day cake will be some wonderful ideas on instilling responsibility in our children. I will touch on this more next week, as I know it’s a constant battle for most parents).