When I decided early on to be a Fashionista who dresses in second hand designer clothes, I knew that all the typical fashion rules couldn’t always apply. For instance, rules that change season to season are things that typically won’t impact me. By the time I get around to purchasing that newest “must have” fashion accessory, it’s either here to stay and I found it at a yard sale,  or it’s been determined that the fad didn’t catch on.
Traditionally in life, I am a big time “rule follower.”
But every once in awhile, rules were meant to be broken, and this fashion rule was one of them. For years, the undertone in the fashion world has been to avoid black with browns, but I’m glad to see that tide turning.
Wearing black and browns together open up so many more possibilities in ones wardrobe.

Brown Sweater Top  – $4 Goodwill
Eddie Bauer Black Jeans – $5 Goodwill (amazing, since I never find great jeans at GW)
Black Limited Shirt – $1 yard sale
Accessories – necklaces, earrings and bracelet – $4 yard sale

Since black and browns are both neutral, they do work well together, but you have to be deliberate in pairing them.

Yes you can wear black with brown

Last year when I was in Miami with TJ Maxx, I was trying on a few asymmetrical sweaters. As the stylist passed by me, he mentioned, “Oh, I just love black with brown.” It was definitely a random comment, and I wasn’t intending to be deliberate in that, but it stuck out in my mind as a fashion recommendation I wanted to experiment with some more.

assymetrical sweater TJ Maxx The Asymmetrical Sweater: Frugal Fashionista

I’ve only recently started wearing browns, and am thrilled to see the additional options it brings in my wardrobe.

This latest long, funky sweater I found at Goodwill for $4. It’s comfy and different, but not the most flattering. It’s ok, I am enjoying it anyhow.
Many long necklaces worn together is really popular right now, and every time I see someone who chooses to accessorize like that, I love it, yet I’m always a bit nervous to wear them myself. WHY? I finally told myself it was crazy, and put two brown $1 yard sale necklaces together.
Here’s what I found out by experimenting. By themselves, the necklaces looked kind of off, and sat in my jewelry box unloved all year, but put together, they look like they belonged. It dressed up the outfit, and paired with two more accessories found at yard sale finds – my earring and cool bracelet, the accessories pulled the outfit together.

As I began noticing browsing fashion looks that caught my eye, I realized that these tall, brown boots with a LBD (little black dress) kept popping up. You all know my horrible addiction to LBD’s and now, just by copying other people’s creativity, I have a new look to try out.

If the celebrities are wearing black and browns together, so can we. Although the really light shoes with those black jeans? That’s definitely NOT deliberate, and I highly recommending replacing them with some boots or if you desire to stay with the heel/skinny jean look, go with black heels with black jeans, or at least dark brown shoes with black jeans.


I would wear all the pieces in this collage (minus that one large rip on the thigh). Those tall boots with those jeans, jacket and belt? Love it!

I’m posting this example of black worn with brown ( even thought I don’t love it) because these Banana Republic Leather boots in like new condition, is still, to this day, one of my best finds, and I do wear them with a black skirt.  Obviously, there are better options, but sometimes, it’s “good enough,” and overall look is fine so the boots don’t stand out as much.
When I posted about easy it is to wear monochromatic colors, I was in all brown, and yes, ten pounds thinner (ARG – mad at myself), but I would easily throw a black jacket or sweater on this outfit as well. Long black accessories? Absolutely!
browns opt Help Me, Help You...Frugal Fashionista  dressforless opt2 Help Me, Help You...Frugal Fashionista
So, are you convinced at all to break the “Wearing Black with Brown” fashion rule?
There are still going to be those few that stand back and think, “Hmm, she does not match,” but then again, what fun would it be if we all dressed the same? Someone has to daring. When you dress confidently, it’s amazing how just that attitude pulls it all together. 🙂