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Many of you joined me in January as I ate from our pantry, freezer and fridge for the Pantry Challenge. We successfully ate for $150 by using what we had on hand. Well, it wasn’t my intent, but the same thing had happened this week, and so far, I haven’t gone grocery shopping but used up staples that have been on hand.
Late morning, we finished off the buttermilk pancakes, filling up our bellies for probably under $2 total for the whole family.
pancakes Easy Buttermilk Pancakes
For lunch,  we had smoothies and left over taco soup, which is always better after a day or two since the spices blend.
IMG 5736 opt Feeding a Large Family for $500 a Month
Late afternoon snacks were some salad and chips (yes, I know that seems mixed up, but our family loves salad.)
italian meatloaf
Dinner was a combination of the world’s best comfort foods – meatloaf and my make ahead mashed potatoes. I love making Italian Mozzarella Meatloaf. Meatloaf is a wonderful dinner item where you can make the beef stretch by adding creative fillers which no one would ever guess. 🙂
As I look back at our last few meal days, it’s great to use up some of the things I had already in stock. I still have lots of ground beef in my freezer. The ten pound bag of potatoes NEEDED to be used up (yes, only a few signs of spring in that bag…:)), lots of grain to be ground and fruit to be used quickly since they were ripe when purchased (except for the strawberries. We keep a large bag of frozen ones from Sam’s Club.)
So what about you? What is on your dinner plan for this evening?
Have you thought ahead? That’s the biggest obstacle to reducing the grocery budget.
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