This adorable hanging marshmallow garland is amazing!

Inspiration is everywhere, but it’s not often that I step into a bakery and pretty much call myself at home. In fact, if I recall correctly, I hugged the owner and told her I wanted to move in, on a cot or however she’d take me.

Yes, I really did. When I entered Back in the Day Bakery in beautiful Charleston, instantaneous joy occurred.. I realize bakeries are supposed to be a feast for the tummy, but for me, every single nook and cranny screamed eye candy and the best part is that the whimsical decor could be made by anyone with any budget.

It’s that marshmallow garland that drew me right in. Isn’t it fabulous?

I knew that was something I wanted to recreate, especially since already had two bags of stale marshmallows in the pantry, courtesy of teen boys.

Gorgeous paper garlands

I just love how the owners paired the simple paper decor with the gorgeous crystal chandeliers to create such a bold statement. Considering my love of crystal light fixtures in odd places, like my laundry room, I totally appreciate this look.

Gorgeous paper garlands decorating bakery

Since I had never seen a marshmallow garland before, I though they may have dreamed this up, but then I found out that good ‘ole Betty posted about it here.

Easy Marshmallow Garland

And the more I searched, the more memorized I became especially when I stumbled on this wedding shoot from Glitter Inc.

gorgeous wedding garland

Each picture is more beautiful than the next, so check out how the designers turned simple marshmallows into a stunning wedding photo backdrop. I’m going to show you the rest of the bakery in another post because it ties in with using my love of decorating with vintage recipes. Just wait! It’s so fun!

Adorable coffee filter and cupcake liner garland

When it was time for me to add a pop of whimsy to my party decor, I decided to dye some coffee filters since they are so cheap and I had just a few (1000 of them) left over from a Sam’s Club purchase. But as the filters were drying (and yes, dyed blue was adorable), I began playing around with the white ones.  I started stringing the basic coffee filters, but then peeked at my cup cakes and remembered their adorable liners which matched my decor perfectly.

Such fun and creative party decor using what you have on hand.

One thing led to another and soon I was stringing the marshmallows as well. Sometimes the silliest of creative thoughts can become the most fun. The colors and the whimsy just make me happy and I wished I could throw a baby shower right that second!

Simple cupcake liner, coffee filter and marshmallow garland

They look perfect hanging from my kitchen table light fixture! I could see doing something similar for so many occasions, such as a birthday party, bridal or wedding shower or just to add some fun to an otherwise ordinary day.

Yes, I highly suggest making these fun garlands. They are inexpensive, you probably have everything on hand and they take minutes to create.

My tip for stringing the marshmallows: allowthem to dry up a bit so they aren’t so sticky while you put the needle and thread through them.  Mine were already a bit stale and mashed (again courtesy of teens), so just disregard the closer up.  🙂

To end the day, since I was on the roll of all things paper garlands, I used my hexagon paper punch and then strung them as well.

So much simple fun to be had by all! My favorite kind!

What are you favorite types of garlands? Have you used them in your party decor?

P.S. Don’t forget my free printable banner template to make all your favorite banners and alphabet garlands.

Easy paper punch garland - so many possibilities

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