This Friday night I will be sharing ideas with 600 women on how to save time and money in the kitchen (even if you don’t use coupons). My ideas could take up hours, and yet I will be pretty transparent with the audience in saying that even though these are suggestions, I never implement them all at once, and am continually revamping how I do things in the kitchen.
Sometimes I do the meal planning thing well, but often, oh, so poorly. In my opinion, that is something I can NOT do poorly. It needs to be prioritized over most everything else on the “To do list” because our families need to eat. They need to eat well, and they need to eat often. Imagine their chagrin when I declared, “I just fed you LAST night? You seriously want dinner AGAIN?”

So, I am asking for your help in sharing your #1 best meal planning tip or your biggest struggle in the area.

I really want to speak to the needs of the women in the audience, and I know my Tasty Tuesday readers are a perfect sampling group.

Read the comments for so many great tips!!

One meal planning resource I am excited to share about is Plan to Eat, an amazing online tool with organizational greatness all in one spot, except you do need to turn on the oven and open the fridge. 😉 (You may have seen the sponsor button in my side bar?)
So often around the internet I come across recipes I love, I book mark them, file them haphazardly, and lose them. Well, no longer. Plan to Eat allows you to store your favorite recipes, search and import recipes from around the web, (and not just any kind of search, but you can use keywords such as recipe names, ingredients, cuisines etc, create menu plans and even print grocery lists based on those same recipes.
For those of us who are scared by intricate technology, this plan is easy. I was signed up and creating my menu plan in minutes. My attempt at Balancing Meal time Mountain felt instantly more organized. And for those of you attempting new eating habits with our 30 Days of Healthy Living, you can track calories, nutritional score and even the cost of the recipes to use as a reference when making your meal plan.
Typically, I do not succeed at doing a month long menu, but the Monthly Meal Planner is at the heart of Plan to Eat. Easily drag recipes from your Recipe Book to create your meal plan, and then add additional ingredients, events and notes. You can also change the number of servings, easily view and print recipes and export your meal plan to other calendar programs to sync your meal plan with your schedule.
Would you love to try it? For FREE!
Typically, it’s only $4.95/month, but Plan to Eat knows that once you try it, you’ll never go back. They are sharing one free trial month with all my readers and I encourage you to give it a shot. Let me know if you feel more organized just by looking around the place. 🙂
Then please share your #1 best meal planning tip or your biggest struggle in the area for me to reference on Friday evening.
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