We love homemade waffles in this house, but my “Go to” Malted Belgium Waffle recipe consists of a lot of butter.
Trust me, my  Belgium Waffle recipe is worth the extra time,  but I have been experimenting with an easy and quick homemade waffle recipe that uses oil.
I’ve found it…
“Oh Boy” Waffles...Yes, easy homemade waffles without any butter! Using oil instead of butter really helps on the budget and by making extras and freezing them, breakfast is a breeze during the week.
(I found this in my 1953 estate sale Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book, and tweaked it)

***Update on the Pantry Challenge: Since I first made these during my Pantry Challenge where I could only eat from my pantry for one month , I had to be creative. I TRIPLED the batter, knowing that our family consumes large quantities of food and I was hoping for a few extra to freeze.
I had a few bedlam moments along the way. I mixed all the dry ingredients, added the eggs, and then added 2 1/2 cups of milk because that was ALL I had. Yikes, and I had already tripled everything else.
But guess what? When you are committed to creative cooking for one month, you just ad lib.
Unfortunately, my fifteen year old waffle iron gave out and it would have been when I tripled the batter, so I used a sandwich griddle. Improvisation is key.
I’m saving up my Swagbucks and “buying it for free” because we really “need” two waffle makers or at least one that makes four waffles. Otherwise, waffles take two hours in our home. I can’t wait to reach my goal using my swagbucks. Don’t you love Swagbucks?