I’ve never really felt the need to get bossy in the kitchen before, but I am about to stand up on a soap box and preach.

I don’t care if it’s 100 degrees outside, you will want to run to that oven and make this most unbelievable, melt in your mouth, moist Dutch Apple Cake. There’s I’ve said it, ordered it really. (Well, unless you are on my 17 day diet, then my deepest apologies and don’t allow me to tempt you because this will be a downfall. Just wait one more month and use it as one of your splurge days.)

This is by far the moistest cake I have ever inhaled eaten and it’s nearly impossible to stop at one piece. This is typically one of those recipes I can pass on by. It doesn’t necessarily “look” like it would be a recipe I’d get bossy over, but then I tried it, again and again.

Do you see those layers of apples? Seven, seven full apples!

With seven apples, I like to tell myself it’s nearly just straight fruit. 🙂

I love cooking with apples and using them in recipes. From my favorite Apple Almond Salad, Baked Apple Oatmeal or Easy Oatmeal with Diced Apples to my Melt in your mouth Apple Coffee Cake , which uses a short cut that you do NOT want to miss, you can see I love my apple recipes, but this one tops it (and trust me, I’ve tried hundreds.)

I wish I could take full credit for this one, but it comes forwarded from a friend to a friend to me, and I am forever grateful.

Once you try it, you will look past all my bossiness and realize no apology was needed. 🙂


What’s your favorite way to use apples (besides just yummy and raw, of course) ?

This Apple Cake is unbelievable without the glaze, but the addition of the caramel glaze takes it over the top.

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