Easy Oatmeal with Diced Apples

When trying to get away from eating all fifteen boxes of our stockpiled $0.50 cereal in one week, I realize that hot breakfasts need to be served 4-5 times a week to preserve.
Since we were at basketball tournaments all weekend, my intended freezer breakfast meals didn’t get made, so I’m going to have to get my head in the meal planning game this week, and think ahead. I had a bag of marked down apples that were no longer good for snacking on, but perfect for cooking, so I decided to do some easy oatmeal with fried apples. I often add raisins, but we were all out.

I did a quick peel of the apples and then diced them.
Wanting only one pot to wash, I tossed the apples in my 6 quart pot on the stove, with just a little butter, sugar, cinnamon, cooking until soft.  I then added six cups water with 3 cups oatmeal till it was done cooking (the ratio for oatmeal is always two parts liquid, one part oatmeal).
Top with a bit of brown sugar and milk and you have a healthy, filling breakfast for six of us (my hubby missed out) for literally $2 total.
Of course, you can omit the brown sugar and add your sweetener of choice – honey, syrup, sucanat etc.

Delicious, healthy, inexpensive and filling - easy homemade oatmeal with diced apples.

I’m not a morning girl, but there is something magical about how the sun was shining so brightly through my window this morning. It glistened on the bowl just perfectly.