One of the joys of living frugally is the creative aspect that you can tap into for just a few dollars.
With my walls painted a dramatic green,
I desired to go with the shabby chic look. Since I
have been stuck with the same mantle decor for awhile,
I decided to shop my house (and yard sales) in a quest for some white pieces,
and get it ready for spring.
Because I have made a conscious decision to avoid any impulse purchases, my home decor is always a work in process.
It varies greatly from yard sale season to yard sale season, and honestly, that is part of the fun.
Since I collect anything having to do with teacups, tea parties or hospitality, the white tea pot shown above was a sheer joy for a mere $.50.
I found a few bunches of white flowers at another yard sale for another $.50, and together, that’s one delightful dollar .

I am on a perpetual hunt for white pieces, since I am going to re-do one of my hutches and display all the milk ware glass/white pieces that I find.
This is where patience is a virtue.
This above water pitcher was $1 – love those finds.
And see the frame above?
I had one little open space left on the mantle,
and couldn’t think of what to with it,
so I improvised with a $.25 brass frame.
And I re-purposed it, instead of throwing it out.
(from my post “When Brass and Spray Paint meet”)
I got crafty a few months ago with the
intentions of hanging this plate on the wall.
But when I shopped my house, I found this to be the perfect spot.
It started as this wonderful handmade gift from a friend,
but was in the box for Goodwill after a dishwasher disaster.
The labels came off (bottom left corner) from the heating process.
So I spray painted it white,
took a regular piece of scrapbook paper,
rounded the corners,
and then spread a bit of Modge Podge on top to glue it down.

It was still a bit plain,
so I cut one of the yard sale flowers branches,
glued it down in the middle and attached a bit of my daughter’s hair ribbon.
LOVE.IT.HERE (for now :).
It makes me feel all Martha Stewardish.
I am currently on the hunt for ugly plates ($0.25)
to spray paint.
They will adorn this $1 yard sale mirror.
So let those creative juices go wild this yard sale season.
To think that I can create a marvelous mantle arrangement for $10 (even though it doesn’t meet all the designer tips for layering), and then change it around as I find things to improve upon….
is a good thing.
I’ve learned to appreciate the process.

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