Summer parties and potlucks are in full force, yet so are the temperatures, so why not get creative with how you keep the foods fresh and cool? At a recent graduation party, I had to snap a photo of the fun way she kept things cool by using an inflatable cooler.

Fun Patriotic themed ideas

Add a patriotic touch with a little spray paint and some cut out stars!!

4th of July party ideas

Keeping things cool can be fun , festive and frugal.


My sister in law shared that she went to a large picnic where a kiddy pool was placed on a picnic table and then everyone was able to put their foods right on the ice when they arrived.  I just love that idea.

Typically, I use a regular cooler for all our parties, but we always have a kiddy pool on hand, so this idea is a perfect way to keep a large quantity of beverages cool and easily accessible.

The last creative way to keep things cool came as a result of a last minute yard sale find for our son’s 16th birthday party (on a budget). I found this garden cart for just $2. I painted it, lined it with plastic and filled it with ice for a great way to keep the beverages iced.

It’s been a few years since I did this and it now waits patiently against our tree line with some gardening tools. 🙂

IMG 1773 Host a Teenage Birthday Party…on a budget!

Do you have any creative ways that you display items at your picnic or unique ways to keep things cool?

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