Cream Cheese Banana Bread with Maple Glaze

These are it!

We love any kind of banana bread variations in this home. Healthy Banana Oatmeal muffins with natural sweeteners (one of the most popular recipes on my blog), Traditional Banana Bread, Easy Banana Bar recipe with Cream Cheese Frosting, and the list goes on, but I’ve found a new love – Cream Cheese Banana Bread Mini Loaves with Maple Glaze.

Since I always buy marked down bananas at the grocery store when they are super inexpensive, it means I make up a lot of banana treats.  It equates with comfort food in our home and often, I use them for their healthy and natural goodness, but sometimes, I use them mixed with lots of sugar.  It depends on our mood.

Maple Glazed Banana Cream Cheese Mini Loaves

Recently, I spent the day in Birmingham with my precious friend, Christy, and we took a sneak peek at some of America’s most loved magazines. She has a monthly column in Taste of the South magazine, so she wanted to say hi to her friends at Hoffman Publishing.

Since I’m a Southern Girl of 19 years, I definitely can relate to Taste of the South, and decided I should also be able to call myself a Southern Lady (another one of their magazines.) True Southerners may disagree, but I digress. I wasn’t familiar with that gorgeous magazine, but have enjoyed perusing the beautiful pages.

I’ve made Cream Cheese Banana Bread before, but have never put a Maple Glaze on them, so I snagged their recommendation with great anticipation. It didn’t disappoint. Traditionally, it will be a white glaze, but I leaned towards more of a maple syrup route with the above photos. The recipe below is full the white glaze.

It’s one of the moistest banana breads I’ve made and the mix of the cream cheese and bananas is just divine. While it’s incredibly delicious without the glaze, that just takes it over the top and I can’t wait for you to try it. (Consider doubling the recipe and freezing some for later. It’s that good.)

Since Banana Recipes are some of the most popular on my site, click on this link with the Banana search feature and many more tried and true recipes will pull up. I’m sure I’ve forgotten to tag a few. ( Is it me? The more I type Bananas, the more the spelling looks wrong? 🙂 )


Delicious Cream Cheese Banana Bread with Maple Glaze. A favorite!