taking down Christmas stuff
Over the past few snow days, different teen guys have been in and out of the house. When not just one, but two friends asked my sons privately why their mom still had her Christmas stuff up, I started feeling a bit self conscious. I know many of my perfectly wonderful Type A friends who took it down the weekend after Christmas because they needed their order and simplicity back and keeping it up was messing with them. Well, that’s just not me. I wish it was…sometimes.
I love the white lights. I love the mood, even in January, but I don’t love putting it away. I wish I was one of those who can take it down and get it all away in one day, but that’s never happened. It lags over a few days, and I know some of you will go crazy when you see my stuff just sitting in spots where it shouldn’t sit.: )
So when I confessed on my Balancing Beauty and Bedlam Facebook page that I was still taking my Christmas things down, I thought I was being brave, bold and showing a bit of my bedlam moments. Alas, I was relieved to find out, I am not alone.

clutter from Christmas Yes, tucked around the corner in my sitting room, some of my regular decor waits patiently for me to bring them home again.

repurposing containers
I repurposed the Groupon meat packages that I bought. Now they house my Clearanced Dayspring Nativity Hurricane set. (Yes, the sale is still going on with some great 80% off items.)
And about those boxes? Just put them away already. I know. I will, I will…today.
So tell us….

Are you a ‘Putter right away kind of person or do you still have some things up? What’s the latest you’ve ever kept your Christmas stuff up? Has anyone hit Valentine’s Day? I’ve heard V-Day trees are all the new rage.