Slow Down Christmas Morning and Savor it with this fun tradition idea.

Traditions are meant to last!

Most kids crave novelty – the newest video game, the greatest CD-ROM, the biggest Christmas tree, the latest, greatest…
But at holidays, they are transformed from thrill seekers to traditionalists.

If your family has done it before, your kids will want to do it again.

I call it the “we all” of family.

We always do this for “the holidays.” There’s something reassuring about traditions. In a world where nearly everything is disposable, traditions remind us that some things were meant to last.

I have shared many unique tradition ideas that do everything from bring together faraway relatives to kindle the spirit of giving, so hopefully this year, if you’re stressing over finding the perfect gift, why not try a new tradition instead.

Unlike most presents, they’re inexpensive, they need no wrapping and will last nearly forever.

Candy Cane Trail

When you envision Christmas morning, what do you see, hear, and smell? What expectations do you have? What are the memories that you want to solidify every year?

Do you have a plan?

For some of us with children, our Dickens Christmas comes to an end within minutes. Our children tear through presents like the Indy 500 without so much as a thank you. They want to know which present is next…now, or may even grumble (gasp) when things don’t go quite their way…As much as we may chuckle at that scenario, it is quite often, oh, too real.

One of our most memorable Christmas mornings was created by stretching out the gift opening throughout the whole day. We literally did only 2 presents an hour (not each child…just two presents) and had activities mixed in throughout the morning. It was peaceful, the kids actually played with each toy as they opened it or celebrated what their sibling received. And we were able to slow down, and focused on the things that really mattered – being together celebrating our Savior’s birth. It was magical.Here is an idea of how to put that new slant on your Christmas morning with the kids or grand kids.

This can even be adapted if you are having a gathering with extended family.

Capture the magic of Christmas morning by creating a fun trail for your kids to follow when they first wake up. Purchase a box of wrapped candy canes and lay them on the floor guiding them through the house.

Leave a note at their doorway directing them to follow the candy can trail to “present pit stops” that have one present for them to open at each and spread it out throughout the morning.
Each “present pit stop” has a small note that Santa (or St. Nick or mom/dad) has left them with one nice thing that he saw them do that year.

Notes can include things like.
“You always know how to look on the bright side, and encourage others – keep up the good work” or “You are always the first to volunteer to help and that is a wonderful way to show you care for others.

Then have them open a present and have the next note include a fun activity – sing a carol, do a funny dance competition to your favorite funny Christmas song, read the Christmas story. Savor the time and when you dictate the morning anticipation, it becomes so much more meaningful.

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