christmas lights

Christmas Cruising – Some of the best Christmas traditions for the family are simple and sweet and require little more than hot chocolate and a full tank of gas. Right before Christmas get the whole family together for “Christmas lights” cruising in the car. Prepare a thermos of hot chocolate and give everyone an insulated cup. Take a journey around your neighborhood (or visit another neighborhood) and check out all the beautiful Christmas lights. Have each person vote on who has the best lights of the season and then stop at that house and take a family picture in front of it. Add the photo to your holiday tradition book or place it in a photo frame.

Another twist on this is to make your evening a complete surprise. Once everyone has their jammies on, and has been tucked in bed, do a surprise fire drill escorting them quickly outside. Have the car packed with all their favorite snacks, dial the radio to your favorite Christmas station and cruise away. 🙂