decorating a mantel for Christmas
As the holidays approach, Christmas decor comes out of the attic, outside lights go up, and schedules increase. One of my yearly Christmas decorating inspirations has been my friend, Laura and her glorious garlands. Last Sunday, I heard her ask a friend, “Do you mind if I come over and cut some Magnolia leaves from your tree?”
I am a big believer in using what you have, (or asking a friend for it.) Often, we forget the decorating beauty that comes from bringing the outside in and it’s definitely that time of year to look out the window and see what you have to use.
Creating masterful Christmas Mantel Decorations can be as simple as adorning your staircase with garland mixed with pines, ferns, magnolia and a beautiful bow. Remember that the most inspired decorating doesn’t cost much money at all. It’s about incorporating some of the very things you already own.

Today I have been busy cutting greens from our ferns, and my favorite holly bush inspired by my sweet friend. I love incorporating them into our staircase garland, but I just love how she used the magnolia leaves throughout her arrangements. In my opinion, the more the merrier when it comes to adding greenery because you all know I am NOT a minimalist.
Decorating staircase with garland

Tying a beautiful bow creates a polished, masterful look to any Christmas decoration. It doesn’t come very easy for me, but I sure am working on it this year.
Christmas Tree Topper

If you’re a bit tired of your usual Christmas items, don’t forget the wonder of spray paint. I have had a blast updating and changing out my color themes, just by changing up dated items with a fresh coat of spray paint.

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They are always a great option to fill in spots with no decorations.

using glass bowls for ornaments 500x385 Holiday Decor on a Budget (a few last minute ideas)
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