Is it possible that putting up Christmas Holiday Decor can span nearly two weeks? How I have dragged it out so much? Bit by bit, I am slowly finishing different spots in the house, but unfortunately, that means there’s been unfinished boxes sitting patiently in our foyer.

Christmas tree decorI enjoy having multiple trees, decorating the mantels and garland, but the kids most enjoy decorating their own full sized tree. Since I prefer my “fancy tree” with all white lights and fancy ornaments, that doesn’t leave a spot for the colored lights our girls adore, nor the other ornaments that the kids have made, as well as the fun ornaments collected throughout the years, so they decorate their own tree that welcomes guests in our foyer. Unfortunately, it’s two weeks before Christmas and that tree is still to be finished.
Fancy christmas treeI’ll be  adding some more magnolia leaves (inspired by these mantels and these Christmas garlands from Disney) into both the tree, mantel and stairway, but I just haven’t finished that yet. (Yes…the schedule has not allowed for a full day of decorating, so I take a few minutes when I can get it.)

My friend, Laura, has different themed and colored trees in each of her rooms. She does a brown, light blue and gold tree in her light blue room,

a fancy gold tree,
Fancy Gold Christmas Treeand a fun festive red tree. Each tree has matching wrapped presents to add to the holiday decor. Many of the presents are empty, but just decorated so beautifully. She is extremely gifted at typing bows, and takes as much effort in those decorated presents as the tree. I love how it adds so much to the overall festivity. It was total eye candy for all.
Decorating Christmas Tree Ideas
It’s about this time when I realize that I may enjoy my Christmas holiday decor well into January. Since I am so slow to get it up, now I just want to cozy up under the white lights for at least a month.There’s something so calming about the ambiance, that I am very tempted to keep white lights up somewhere all year long.
So tell me about your family.
Are you a white lights or fun and festive colored lights kind of decorator?